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Wamar International expands its Atlanta, Georgia operations • Wamar Defense & Security, Energy, and Procurement & Logistics Divisions to share new facility.

Wamar International has finalized the move into its new 100,000 ft2 multi-use facility in Fulton County. Located in the immediate proximity of the Atlanta Central Business District and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, this facility will maximize the collective strengths from the three business units, and provide for the continued growth of Wamar International.

Mr. Nabil Barakat, the President and CEO of Wamar International, stated that the Atlanta area provides an excellent environment for growth; a highly skilled workforce, close proximity to Wamar’s key customers and a very supportive infrastructure: “The Atlanta facility will complement our global operations in the fields of energy, security and defense, aviation, procurement and logistics. Wamar has evolved to be a global player in these fields and believes that Atlanta provides the business environment to support our continued growth.”

Wamar International, Inc., (Wamar) was established in 1983 and was incorporated in the United States of America in the State of California in 1987. Since then it has opened regional offices in France, Germany, Spain, Jordan, South Africa, Oman, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The company’s activities include the following industries: Aviation and Aerospace; Defense & Security; Oil & Gas Exploration and Production; Power Generation; Training & Capacity Development and Turbo Machinery Maintenance and Overhaul and employs a global staff of approximately 300.

Atlanta Division Overviews:

Defense & Security Wamar International, Inc.’s Security and Defense Division, incorporating Wamar Technologies LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary) is a leading provider of defense & security products to government and military organizations.

Energy Wamar Energy LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary) provides Overhaul & Maintenance operations in the continental United States, Mexico, South America and throughout the world, and is able to offer a full range of installation, engineering, operations and maintenance services for electrical, mechanical and nuclear power plants.

Procurement & Logistics Global Tech Services (GTS), a Wamar International Company provides the operational logistics management and procurement for its projects worldwide. GTS provides new turbine parts, specialized outage kits, and complete turbine solutions for power industries worldwide. GTS manages the MRO and procurement of commercial and military aircraft components and assemblies.

Wamar International has also recently acquired a stake in Middle East Propulsion Company (MEPC) in parallel with MTU Aero Engines, Germany’s leading engine manufacturer, becoming a shareholder in this company. MEPC, which specializes in aircraft engine maintenance, is a joint venture between United Technology International Corporation, parent company of Pratt & Whitney; Saudi Arabian Airlines; and Shomoukh al Hemman for Communication and Information Co. Ltd. Its major customer is the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF), whose Pratt & Whitney F100 engines power its Boeing F-15 fighter jets maintained by MEPC. The company plans to expand its maintenance portfolio to include modules of the Tornado's RB199 engine and the Eurofighter's EJ200 engine as well as the T-56 engine for the C130s and the PT6 engine that powers various helicopters and propeller aircraft.

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