Defense and Security

Wamar International LLC’s Defense & Security Division, including Wamar Technologies ,(a wholly owned subsidiary) is a leading provider of Mobility and Advanced Technology Solutions for the United States Government and select international and non-governmental customers. We offer complete system design and integration providing turn-key solutions, from engineering design and system integration, to manufacturing and fielding. Additionally, we provide field service and support as well as decommissioning and/or recapitalization if necessary.

Our “one shop” approach simplifies acquisition programs and the contract/project management process, while at the same time reducing cost, improving timing and ensuring efficient communication across project functional areas.

Wamar Defense & Security Focus Areas:

Commercial Armored Vehicles

Wamar XUV, Sedans, SUVs, Trucks, etc.

Produced to multiple standards including:

NIJ 0108.01 Level I to IV

EURONORM CEN1063 Level B1 to B7

STANAG 4569 Level I to IV

Tactical Surveillance Vehicles

Mobile Command Systems

Man-portable Surveillance & Reconnaissance Kits

Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Unmanned Ground Vehicle Chassis Design and Manufacturing

Ground Mobility Engineering Services

Mobility Systems Research & Development

Reset of Mobility Assets

Fleet Management and Asset Storage

Fly Away Maintenance and Repair

C4ISR Services

Full system design and integration capabilities

Fixed and mobile platform expertise

Ground, maritime, and air mobility platforms

Strong training and technical support programs

Extensive in-country full life cycle support programs

Asset refitting & technology upgrades

Data and Computer Systems

Power Systems

Voice Communications

Video Systems

Sensor Systems Wamar


Atlanta, GA

92,000 sq ft
Full Service Armored Vehicle Repair
Engineering Services

San Diego, CA

13,000 sq ft
Light Manufacturing
Full Service Armored Vehicle Repair
Technology Integration
Engineering Services
Resarch & Development


Armored Kangal TR4


Armored Suburban


Armored Toyota Land Cruiser


Tactical Surveillance Vehicles


For more detail, please visit the Wamar Technologies web site