Real Life Support

Wamar provides an extensive array of life support services essential for day-to-day living at remote site locations, or locations within built up areas. These services comprise our Real Life Support unit.
Real Life Support consists of providing all services needed to operate a micro-community. Water supply, sewage and garbage removal, power generation, building, grounds and systems maintenance, dining facility operations, housekeeping, laundry as well as any other service required in support of such community.

Wamar has amassed a strong network of resources to create seamless support services for any given project. We can source equipment, supplies, personnel and management needed to provide real life support anytime, anywhere and in any required fashion.

Additionally, we have in-depth experience providing real life support in hostile environments. We have the ability to provide the full spectrum of support required to operate a self contained camp or facility. Whether it is a customer provided facility or a man-camp to be constructed, Wamar has the assets, experience and ability to meet your needs.

Our concept is to identify the needs of the client and then tailor the level of support for each project. All aspects of Real Life Support are addressed in our planning phase in order to ensure the most effective and efficient level of service, both desired and available, dependent upon the project location and variables.

Scope of Work

Under the Real Life Support umbrella we provide a plethora of core services for micro-communities. These include, but are not limited to:
• Water supply.
• Sewage and garbage management and removal.
• Power generation.
• Building, grounds and systems maintenance.
• Housekeeping and laundry services.
• Catering and food preparation services.
• Pest control.
• On-site training and capacity development for any project.

Medical Services

Wamar is also capable of providing Emergency Medical Services for remote locations or even in environments where access to world class medical treatment is not readily available.
Our resources include fully qualified medical doctors from the USA and other western countries as well as Emergency Medical Technicians who have also operated in extremely harsh and dangerous conditions.
In addition, we can also provide fully equipped armored (or unarmored ambulances together will a full crew.
We pride ourselves on the quality of services provided and believe that the safety and well-being of employees is the number one priority for any organization whether in hostile or safe environments.
The first application of medical attention is the most crucial.