Medical Services

Wamar established its Medical Services Division in 2009.

The unit was established to bring world class healthcare services wherever required, including specifically Iraq and Afghanistan.

All of our medical facilities are currently in operational compliance with U.S. and Host Nation medical legal practice, doctrine and oversight practice guidelines. Our medical facilities have been observed, inspected and appraised by the following established professional International communities;

1) U.S. Embassy medical teams,

2) U.S. Consulate Office,

3) NATO inspection teams and the  MNF-I Surgeons office.

Our current client list include the following:


2) United States Government (Department of State)

3) International Office for Migration (IOM)


WMS operates a fully equipped Role 1 Medical Facility for NATO’s training mission at Ar Rustimiyah in Iraq. In addition to the facility, we also supply, operate and manage a fully equipped armored ambulance for evacuating injured personnel when required. We are into our second year of operations and have a highly satisfied client.

US Department of State and the IOM

Wamar operates a fully equipped medical clinic in Baghdad serving the requirements of the IOM and the US Embassy.

Specifically, we perform the following work for our esteemed clients:

1. A Diagnostic clinic performing detailed laboratory and digital radiological intensive physical exams for the International Office of Migration Refugee Program.

2. A Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) clinic conducting Immunizations, physical exams, laboratory and digital radiological examinations for the U.S. Embassy.

3. U.S. Consulate office Visa Program conducting medical surveillance, immunizations, laboratory and radiological examinations.